Vantine Nitrosports / JT 2019

Partnership announcement JT / T&KU! 2019
When you join forces with those that love this sport as much as you do it creates a team that can accomplish anything and go fast doing it.
When that team includes VANTINE NITROSPORTS you better hang on tight because the ride just got a whole lot faster! We are joining forces to make sure our sport gets the recognition and love its deserves.
Follow JT Norton & Dave Vantine Vantine Nitrosports 2019 for some Top Fuel Nitro Methane motorcycle drag racing excitement!
I'm honored to have this program partnership with a great group of people. We have had a lot of great times and crazy fast adventures together already. We look forward to many more that are coming in 2019.
JT Norton / Vantine Nitrosports 2019 Try and Keep Up!

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