Tak Shigematsu 2018 Q&A

🎀 Quick Q&A with Top Fuel

Racer: Tak Shigematsu
Racing Class: Top Fuel
Top Fuel Years Racing: 20years
Motorcycle Type: TF Harley

❓Favorite win?
🏍️ 2008 AHDRA Bristol TF win with a broken handlebar.

❓Toughest Race?
🏍️ 2005 AHDRA Mid Atlantic Nat Budds Creek. over 100 F and almost 100% humidity. All we are soaked. I wanted to lose 1st round but I won the race.

❓ What was the first drag race you ever saw?
🏍️ The first Drag race ever saw: was 1989 NHRA Sonoma.

❓ Early on who did you look up to or who influenced you?
🏍️ I look up to Drums Branccacio”

❓ Craziest Experience?
🏍️ 2017 Mancup final, broken handlebar at 800ft over 200mph and hit wall still ran TF Harley new record 6.021.

❓ What advice do you give someone wanting to run Top Fuel?
🏍️ If you make mistake, don't mind, try again.

❓What does Tak Shigematsu like to do when not drag racing or working?
🏍️ I like to play Resident Evil PS4.

❓ You have come here from Japan to drag race but if we went to Japan drag race it there, what would be one of the things we as Americans would need to adjust for or get used to there?
🏍️ If you come to Japan, the time difference is the toughest. almost opposite day and night so it feels like racing after midnight. need to get used to time.”

Team: Tak Shigematsu Racing
Team Owner: Tak Shigematsu
Team Crew Chief: Don Johnson
Team Crew: Charlie Mann

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