Spencer Claycomb

Since we are always thinking about drag racing even when we’re rushing around for the holidays. We decided to reach out to someone who had some serious success in 2018 in both the Man Cup and XDA Racing series.

Spencer what are your the plans for team Claycomb 2019?

“We came into 2018 season just hoping we could maybe win just 1 race or even be number 1 qualifier again cause in 2017 season our highlight was just getting a number 1 qualifying spot after racing all year and usually not making it past Friday testing ha…. we wound up being in almost every final round of 2018 except for 2 races.

We were number 1 qualifier at every race except for 1 and we were beat by .001 by Eddie Chapman for the over all record so I guess we definitely achieved our goals this year.

For 2019 we decided that it is was just to hard trying to run 8.88 and 5.60/8.90 and run Real Street. Just not enough time to concentrate on the RS bike so this season we are only running Real Street and dad will be on a 4.60 no bar bike.

It will be hard not getting to play in sportsman racing like I have been for the past 4 years but Real Street has always been my dream. We think we finally got a handle on the bike so maybe we won’t be going through 2 engines a weekend like we did at every race last year. I actually might have some more free time at night to hang out with friends instead of me asking them to help swap motors haha!” – Spencer Claycomb Talking with JT Norton

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