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Event, Photos, Video and Page Marketing

I help cover and promote  your company, story,  page or publication. I can also just go shoot for your bulk image for your marketing needs. I can also build and manage pages and since the content is from me we don't have to worry about dealing with third parties.

Fishing cartoon

Cartoons and Comics

Cartoon and caricatures is another way to keep fresh content on your page. This is my specialty and I can make the creations for any industry that stays inline with your product services or company goals. A simple comment or interaction can turn into a great cartoon and yet another tool to drive traffic.

Andie Rawlings

MEMEs and Photo Humor

This is an excellent way to boost attention and drive traffic to you. Most people have to share the same old ones pushed around all the time online. I can make you new ones that custom fit you and your industry.

Mancup 2017

Photography & Artistry

I work to understand your industry that does not have to be motorsports. I do this by understanding the industry, people and then build relationships which makes for more effective content. The more specific and less cookie cutter your content is the better off you are reaching a larger audience or customer base.

Social Media Support

Full page management to administration support or content contributor. I can cover events and collect material that will allow you to promote what you do with original content. The online world is bombarded with copy & paste content - DON'T be a copy paster - let me help you stand out. People who say social media won't help you have no idea how to use it. I use it in what I call a passive way because my personal use of it is different than most. Get aggressive with it and you can reach some massive group of people. You don't have to be troll or create fake accounts to do it. It is the most powerful advertising tool out there.

Preston Bartlett

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