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I’m not a news outlet - JT Media Support Services allows a company, team, event,  publication, media outlet to focus on their passion. I assist or free you up from the tedious media stuff that you must do for yourself, fan base, team, partnership and sponsors. Weather you need just one of the services or a complete service package I have a level for everyone at any level.
Weather you like it or not everything has now become dependent on social media, video, streaming and is done at a much faster pace. Trying to Keep Up is tough and trying to do it while the event is going on is even tougher. At times it is even impossible unless you have help because sometimes things don’t go your way and that requires your focus.

There very simple ways to make your page just about you and keep all that other “stuff’ away from what you’re doing.

From page content, photography, designs, memes, graphics, hero cards, stickers, shirts, video product videos, service videos or company promotion videos. It’s a partnership that literally covers all you need. Lets talk a bit more about it with an example...
Reminder: I’m talking about coming in with professional equipment and someone that is available before, during and after your event or venue 24/7. This way you don’t have to use your buddies, uncle’s girlfriend, second cousin. Who is using iPhone 4 that’s duct taped to a Walmart mono pod, WHEN he can get time away from his day job at Wally World.

You need support for a race team season / event or other passion you’re invested in or passionate about. You will have to go though numerous people and online searches to find each of these services.

(1) You want posters: art fee then you have printing cost and if your reorder with edits you pay the art fee again.

(2) Hero cards art fee then you have printing cost and if your reorder with edits you pay the art fee yet once again.

(3) You want dedicated photography / video done at your event or venue. This can get expensive and again we are talking someone with professional equipment that is there for YOU. Photography and Video services are never combined prices and you must pay for each separately.

(4) Social media pages need content or they need to be created if you have not joined the masses yet. Then consider the time to learn and then managed it. If you outsource there are set up fees and monthly management cost that still require you provide the content.

(5) Your sponsors need support and will need photographs, videos, and creative proof they are getting something back for their investment. I have been a financial sponsor myself in the past and it is discouraging when you see nothing or very little in return.

(6) You want videos using quality equipment or you already have video that you want edited with graphics and your logo. You just don’t have the time, skill or software to get it done. When outsourcing this is usually done at an hourly rate if you want it to look professional.

(7) When content is to be used commercially you will be paying a lot more per item or at a higher hourly rate. A photographer will sell you a print but very few will sell you a full digital file. If they do it for a living (aka: a professional) they will not sell it to you at all, which is not wrong by the way because they need to protect their product.

(8) You’re a company and want to cover your team / venue, you have to go to multiple sources for content and that will make you want pull your hair out. Then if you want specific content you have to go though one of the processes above.

(9) When the above listed support services requires travel…that just adds more cost to each one.

(10) a then everything else I have not listed …..

JT Norton Media Support Services available to anyone anywhere and since I’m not married, have no dependents and not tied to any one spot so I have a travel flexibly that few posses.
I can handle everything listed above and more because JT is a One Stop Media Support Resource. Everything will be done the way you want to be represented in the 1st person. All content we create throughout the season - WE own the rights to. You, your sponsors or partnerships will have access directly to me (24/7).
I also partner with local companies to reduce any bulk printing cost that we may require and there is no markup for JT-Partnerships. Season partnerships will save you more than doing a Request Of Service per event (ROS). Some of my services will not be available at scheduled events via ROS because of commitments to my own partnerships for 2019.
Public or Private its up to you!
All of this can be done in the first person - It’s not about me - it’s about you!
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2019 Projects

1-12-2019 event Orlando Speed World Florida event

2019 Hero card Stotz Racing Feb-2019

1-22-2019 testing Bradenton Florida support

2-22-2019 Orlando Speed World Florida support

2-26-2019 Private assignment / private location

2-27-2019 Orlando Speed World Florida support

3-1-2019 Andie Rawlings Hero Card

3-7-2019 Orlando Speed World Florida support

3-10-2019 Orlando Speed World Florida event

3-11-2011 Private assignment / private location

3-14-2019 though 3-17-2019 Gatornationals team support

3-18-2019 though 3-20-2019 Private assignment / private location

Mancup 2017

Photography & Artistry

I work to understand your industry that does not have to be motorsports. I do this by understanding the industry, people and then build relationships which makes for more effective content. The more specific and less cookie cutter your content is the better off you are reaching a larger audience or customer base.

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