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JTNorton / Mancup "The Rock" 2019

My goal is not to bring to people to JTNorton but to make people come to you and keep coming back to you.

It's not about me it's about you!

Completed and ready to go for 2020

  • The new computer platform for large scale video and animation projects.
  • Increased bandwidth.
  • Site re-building to support event updates so followers don't have to have social media to follow an event the JT/T&KU! program attends.
  • We have a larger marketing budget for 2020.
  • Camera Systems - cinematic lens and lighting upgrades
  • New GoPros added to inventory (we will have 5 available for 2020 phasing out older models upgrading to 7 and 8)
  • official affiliate partner for Apple
  • official affiliate partner DJI

Media Support Services (short version)

 JT Media Support Services, allows a company, team, event,  publication, media outlet to focus on, their passion. I free you up from the tedious media stuff that you must do for yourself, fan base, team, partnerships, and sponsors. Whether you need just one of the services or a complete service package, I have a level, for everyone at any level. Contact me anytime 386-320-4621 or via email at
  1. 24/7/365 : Full Partnership (Tier one or Tier two)** full partnership option see blue note below
  2. 24/7: Event Series, team or Class Partnership: one event, multiple events or a full series of a partnership (Tier one or Tier two)
  3. Support Partnership: the beginning of the year flat rate for content from a series of your team/company.
A supporting partnership you get ALL the content I take of you and your team. The partnership can be private or just off social media if you like.

Media Support Services (long version)

24/7/365: I'm always available to you and with you.

(You are never removed from the approval process of the things listed below)

  • I'm available to you 24/7 and travel with you and all events
  • You get access to all content with commercial and residential rights of use
  • Build or help manage your existing website or social media platforms
  • Graphic design services for shirts, flyers, posters or other designs that include social media promotions
  • On-Board Video capture and editing.
  • Event photography and video coverage
  • Live streaming updates and content to your pages and marketing needs
  • Events video, company promotion videos or product videos
  • Available when you need anything specific from the team so you can stay focused on your event.
  • Utilize my numerous media outlets to ensure we get maximum exposure
  • Whatever else the team needs to be done to get exposure for our partnership and those affiliated with our programs
  • NEW 2020 Vehicle wrap option. Primary Partnership has the option to have the sides of my vehicle wrapped for 2020. The wrap will be done at a reduced cost (no markup) by my 2020 Partner WhatAGraphic.

* I drove over 21,000+ miles in 2019 so our partnership will get noticed. I will build in a QRcode into the graphic that will give us a way to track its effectiveness by offering the "scanner" a special partnership gift if they follow it.

24/7 but AS YOU NEED ME:

Event Series Partnership we focus on a specific series, class for the seven-day window before / the event dates and five days after.

  • Build, contribute content or help manage your existing website/pages keeping fresh content posted to it,
  • Update, maintain and post to social media pages (using my unique creative twist)
  • Update, manage and post to website (using my unique creative twist)
  • Interviews, news release, and posters event photography and video coverage
  • Live streaming updates and content to your pages for maximum coverage effect
  • Events video, company promotion videos or product videos I'm available to your sponsors directly when they need anything from the team.
  • Utilize my numerous media outlets to ensure you get maximum exposure

There very simple ways to make your page just about you and keep all that other “stuff’ away from what you’re doing or wanting to show your followers. Whether you like it or not everything has now become dependent on social media, video, streaming and is done at a much faster pace. Trying to Keep Up is tough and trying to do it while the event is going on is even tougher. At times it is even impossible unless you have help because sometimes things don’t go your way and that requires your focus.

Pricing, Availability and Tier Structure:

The basic structure is 

  • / T&KU! fee this depends on where you need me. XDA, MANCUP, AMRA, NHRA etc...

24/7/365 and 24 /7 Partnerships

  • Tier One No dedicated funds for boosting posts, pages and content, we will depend on the numerous outlets I have available to me and our existing followers/fan base.
  • Tier Two Marketing and Promotion budget: allows me to boost posts and create ads for events as the season unfolds. This is an independent set of funds that we use for advertising much like a retainer. At the end of our agreement, any unused funds are returned to you or rolled into the next event if you request JTNorton / T&KU! services for more than one event.

** You can request at any time an itemized breakdown showing our usage but will get an update after each event or at the close of our agreement.

Jack "JT" Norton
Cell Phone: 386-320-4621
2019 Partnerships
2019 Partnerships

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