Ryan Oehler 1-22-19

I got to hang out with NHRA's very own Ryan Oehler and his team down at Bradenton Motorsports park.

It was a beautiful day even though it was a bit windy as his team worked to get a couple passes on the books. When I first got there on day one the winds were showing 11.9 mph east and within a couple hours it shifted a bit to ESE 19.2mph one gust showing 24mph. They had an issue come up after their second test pass of 6.91 where the rear brake caliber came off damaging rotor, hub, wheelie bar and put a pretty good dent in the frame. (frame is ok)

They did not dwell on it and just got to work and that took them late into the night.  They moved into day 2 and got some more passes in with a 6.91 at 194 against a 25 mph head wind before heading home.  I would like to thank them for letting me come hang out with them and do some testing of my own. They are extremely focused on knocking the dust off and get ready to go NHRA pro stock motorcycle drag racing.

Ryan has a new sponsor for 2019 please support Overkill Motorsports because they are supporting the sport we all love.

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also check out his official NHRA profile click here

JT / T&KU!: My testing included multi-device bridging software, gimball, new camera and hot spot for 2019. I ran into a few issues that require I add a few more items to the inventory but fortunately they are small adjustments.

Going to be a fun year! - JT Norton

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