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🏍 The sport of motorcycle drag racing is just like any other passion we humans pursue in life that can be a wonderful experience that breaths extra life into the soul. Then it can be absolutely brutal and deal us blows that make us stop and reconsider the path we were on.

Sam Vallas Jan 2019 Orlando Speedworld Dragway

The passion that is drag racing is one pursuit in life that many do not understand. We launch and as the pass unfolds it becomes our world and no one can take it from us. It’s now up to us and our machine to get the job done, whether it just grabbing our best time or beating that juggernaut of a competitor in the other lane.

Life and drag racing can push back and sometimes it’s a no holds barred punch from so far away you’ll need a passport to figure out where it came from.

Now you have been knocked on your ass, where do you go from there?

Here let us give you an example using this story from Sam Vallas when we asked him about the back story of this bike at Orlando Speed World Dragway last weekend.

“I bought my 2004 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior new in 2004 from Seminole Powersports in Sanford.

I first took it to the track about a year later. By then I had already modified it to include a nitrous system and some engine internal mods.

It has evolved through the years to include chassis mods, bigger nitrous systems, wheelie bars on and off, and finally its current setup as a race only bike.

In December of 2018, I was testing a new launch setup at Speedworld and the bike took off and did a backflip, slamming me to the ground and breaking my collarbone, and three ribs. The bike slid down the track and burned for a while, destroying pretty much all the soft components.

I rebuilt both me and the bike, and currently, it is configured as follows:

– 102 cubic inch
– Stock pistons
– Carrillo rods
– Speedstar Cam and valve train
– OTEC lock-up clutch
– Garrett 2052els turbo (eBay off a 2002 Saab 9_3)
– Exhaust and Intake by Todd Heiser
– Rear swingarm and wheel from Yamaha R1 with custom struts and wheelie bars
– Electronics from MPS – Motorcycle Performance Specialties, including air shifter, electronic clutch, line lock, Maxxecu / Maxxtuning AB engine controller.

Best time to date (before MaxxEcu) was 9.83 at 134 MPH. The added features and capabilities of the Maxxecu should enable me to get in the low nine-second range with only some fine-tuning of both the bike and rider.”

– Sam Vallas

Talking with JT Norton.com / Dragbike.com

How we respond to the challenges in life determine who we are, where we’re going and even where we end up. I’m not saying after getting punched to hell and back you must get back up and go back to what you were doing because that is up to you.

I’m saying that when push comes to punch, just remember to never give up! We all will eventually cross that final finish line but we will be able to look back and say “I was never a spectator and have the time slips to prove it!”

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