Pablo Gonzalez

2018 Quick Q&A with Drag Racer

Racer: Pablo Gonzalez

Years Racing: 21

Racing Class: Street Et, Street Fighter, Pro Et and Super Comp.

Motorcycle type: Suzuki Hayabusa and Koenig Chassis Suzuki GS pro bike type.

Where are you from State / Country?: Carolina, P.R. 🇵🇷

Favorite win?
🏍️ "Super Comp at ManCup Memphis Tennessee 2016"

Toughest Race so far?
🏍️ "1998 Salinas, PR Speedway. Last points race of the year, I won my first championship in the third round against my long time friend and consider as my big brother, Ricardo Marte. We were tied in the first position and I beat him by .001 margin. It was a lot of pressure and we both did our best on that pass."

What series do you participate in?
🏍️ "Orlando Speedworld NHRA points series, ManCup. I’ll be participating at the first XDA race."

Craziest experience?
🏍️ "2004 Salinas P.R. a fall at the finish line. It was the quarterfinal round and I knew I was going quicker because I didn’t wheelie on my Suzuki Hayabusa as the other rounds, so when I looked back it was a little late and I decided to pull brakes a little harder as usual to not brake my Et, after that, you know the rest of the story. Thanks to God nothing bad happened to me but at least I won that round (thinking as a Pro Rider looking for the win light) lol "

What got you into drag racing ?
🏍️ "As many long time riders in this country, My Dad, a 6 Time Puerto Rico National Champion. I’ve been in this sport all my life, watching, helping and then racing. I couldn’t get into Jr. Dragster so I took my calm to wait until get my license and my Dad gave me the opportunity to race his bike back then."

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into Motorcycle Drag racing ?
🏍️ "Reach out to people that can help how to drag race professionally. Understand this sport the way it works and look to be an excellent rider getting as many win lights he can but never get mad to loose, this is part of this game.
“Every time you loose you learn another way how to win”
“In this sport you never loose money, that’s your investment to learn something new"

What is your day job occupation / industry?
🏍️ "Account Manger, Roofing Company"

(Victories to date)
Puerto Rico
120+ wins & 6 Championships
6 wins & 1 Championship

Team: Team Puerto Rico
Crew: Pablo & Ivelisse, Parents
Naeemah, wife
Amelia, Pamela & Paulina (My three Sophias)
Puerto Rico Team

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