NHDRO Starts out rocking

QO Real Street: 007 S Holmberg

#9610 RST J Fernando got a bye to the semifinal match while 33 J Dobrin has to square off against 007 S HolmbergThis put #9610 RST J Fernando vs 007 S Holmberg who would pull away with the win.

(Sunday) Penske Street Fighter: 3114 R Arnold 

69x B Rudeseak and 3114 R Arnold has to face off to get into the semi-final, with 6911 B Dryer getting the bye.3114 R Arnold would win the match up and had to face 6911 B Dryer and would come out with the win.

MPS Pro ET: #5711 Steve Klemme#5711

Steve Klemme vs 94B B Cummingham and then we had #1465 G Russell vs 241 B Barton to determine the semi-final battle.it would be a fight between #5711 Steve Klemme vs  #1465 G Russell and Steve would bring home the big win.

(Sunday) Denis Insurance Street ET: 2012 Dustin Lee

To get to the semi-finals it was 2012 D Lee against 280M R Meeks with 310 D Schmalle vs 225 D Schmidt2012 D Lee  and  225 D Schmidt  would then advance and pair off and a painful red light by  225 D Schmidt would give Dustin Lee the Win

M2Shock Crazy Comp: 213 John Markham

1479 J King got a bye into the semifinals and his opponent would be either Dustin Lee or John Markham which is two tough racers. John Markham would defeat Duston Lee and then J king for the finals win.

4.60 index: Tony Mullen

Semi finals would be T Mullens against B Jackson and T Mullen would come away with the win

MPS Pro ET: C IsleyDue to double entry rules he ended up in the finals against himself.

(Saturday) Denis Insurance Street ET: 2012 Dustin Lee

For the semi-finals it was 2012 D Lee vs 2203 KAdams

Hardcore Cycles Top Gas: 2146 Ricardo Marte
R Marte had to face off against 262 C Washington