"Baby of the Year" This character has created more positivity than anything else in 2019, which is hard thing to find these days. Created 12-11-2019, I took photographs of a magazine cover and a screenshot from the TV and tried to keep it close to the original magazine as I could. There are some things I should've done a bit better, but it more about the message, and just for web posting,  not for printing. We need more Baby Yoda "stuff" these days. I'm an an Star Wars Fan and been one since the original seeing everyone so far on the day of their release. Good or bad I am a Star wars fan.

These things come from everywhere and even the simplest of images I try and find humor in. Always look to twist things up and the audience has a lot of fun with them. The running joke is Your not famous until JT gets you with one!" lol glad they are having fun with these. They sometimes carry a message most are just for fun and entertainment purposes.