Potomac River Maryland


The Potomac River runs 405 miles (652 km) from Fairfax Stone Historical Monument State Park in West Virginia on the Allegheny Plateau to Point Lookout, Maryland, and drains 14,679 square miles (38,020 km 2). The length of the river from the junction of its North and South Branches to Point Lookout is 302 miles (486 km).

I launched at dawn on  9-19-2019 with my canon and 16mm x 35mm from Chapel Point State Park. I took only this lens on purpose to get use to it. I had to head out though the Tobaco Point River to get onto the Potomac river and once out there I kept to the North shore heading east towards the 301 bridge. I was out for my normal time range of 5.5 hours and it was a great run. Here are a few shots I got while I was out doing what I call relaxing.

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