Justin Collier

Fresh off Man Cup World finals Lets talk with Justin Collier!

Justin Collier Man Cup Finals 2018

“Really happy with how it performed 8.25@153 on it’s very first full pull down the track with very safe soft tune up. I will be making some clutch and battery upgrades in off season. Other than that test and be ready for 2019.
We plan to run in ProFuel and or BFuel with the AMRA along with 2-3 ManCup races. This bike is the first legitimate step to move towards a TFuel Harley.

It takes time and lots of money to run in TF but you have to stick your flag in the ground somewhere and just start in that direction!! So here we go!!!

Special thanks to Red Rhea, Tom McCarthy, Kirby, Armon Furr of OCR, Marty of the AMRA, JT Norton and without my wife Kristin and my girls Jade, Cate and Tess it just would not be as much fun!!” – Justin Collier

Talking with JT Norton

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