Jeremy Teasley 2018

“If you think your new years resolution is going to be tough, just image how tough it is going to be for Jeremy Teasley just to think of one!” by JT Photo is from XDA 2018

Jeremy Teasley
XDA 2018 Champion The FBR Shop 5.60 INDEX
XDA 2018 Champion Shinko Tires Crazy 8’s
Man Cup 2018 Champion APE Pro Street
Man Cup 2018 Champion Star Racing Top Gas
Man Cup 2018 Champion MTC Super Comp
NHDRO 2018 Champion Dennis Insurance Agency Street ET
NHDRO 2018 Champion Top Gas

Photo Note: For those non-race people Jeremy Teasley is part of the powerhouse pro-street Team of DME Racing but he also races in other classes with “some success” as you can see above.

Jeremy is about as top-self as they come and is a fantastic representative for the sport. I have done media on countless occasions with him over the years but I’ve also have got to just sit with him, his team and family talking about non racing stuff. I have never heard him trash talk or go off on some swelled headed ego-boasted rant about his achievements, even though he has plenty to brag about.

With Mr. Teasley that is just not his style because he leaves all that for the track. He lets his performance do all the talking as professionals should do. He simply pulls up to the beam and gives it everything he has. If you beat Jeremy Teasley, which by itself is something you should be proud of, the first person to come congratulate you will be Jeremy Teasley.

Jeremy is a class act and I’m eager to see what he does in 2019. I have enjoyed our many conversations and appreciate him putting up with my media stuff. When we have a racer as good as he is in this sport it’s extra special when they are also a genuinely good human being and Jeremy Teasley is that and more.

Looking forward to 2019 and the excitement Jeremy Teasley will bring to our sport.

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