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 Food for thought before we move on: Many of these do not reflect my personal beliefs; they are merely a take on things as I can twist it. So many people assume when I poke or pick at something or someone it reflects what I personally believe.

Example: One of my brothers saw something on a vehicle of mine and ask me, "I thought you were Anti-gun?".

I have received death threats over some cartoons and some pretty harsh insults over some political memes that don't really reflect my personal point of view. The hypocrisy humanity has built "civilization" upon with their assumptions is pretty amazing at times. Using assumptions as a form of personal educational choice by these people will keep me busy until the end of my days.

assumption noun

  • something that you accept as true without question or proof:
  1. People tend to make assumptions about you when you have a disability.
  2. These calculations are based on the assumption that prices will continue to rise.

These ideas come of all types of sources, weather it's me just doing a daily doodle, watching TV/news, or seeing a comment or post on social media. Events can also create these ideas because I purposely build relationships with participants and hear all kinds of stories. I pay close attention to what's going on because ideas can come from the simplest thing. Thank you - Jack "JT" Norton


These cartoons are inspired by the sport I have working in for over 10 years now. Since I know many of the racers and their families they get a cartoon made of them from time to time. Be careful what you share with me or while I'm around because even the simplest of conversations can be twisted into a cartoon. CLICK HERE TO TAKE A RIDE



These are very popular and are a great way to keep us all connected during the off-season and between events. I find the simplest impressions the easiest to make into a fun time. The more animated the subject is it sometimes limits what you can do. ... CLICK HERE TO HAVE SOME FUN




These are things I have written over the years, and I do not usually share this stuff because I do it for myself. I have decided to begin sharing it, BUT I'm not a professional writer so keep that in mind as you proceed.... CLICK HERE FOR MORE





Some non-photography i enjoy doing most of the things shown here have found new homes. I am fortunate that these are popular. I should do some more and as time permits I will get back to them.

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