Individual Moments

November 12, 2018

There are countless individual moments that make up a great day of motorcycle drag racing but some of them get lost as time goes by.

JT as usual was up early and walking through the pits on a slightly chilled Sunday morning. He spots to most is just another simple morning routine but for this photo guy it’s another moment that should be saved. With a quick click and the moment now safety stored with many others. JT would then ask his subject “You ready to go yet?” The answer he got was simple and to the point but with a smile.


The day would move on and they would meet yet again later on that night. Standing together just outside the winners circle waiting to roll up for another moment to be photographed.

JT would ask him again with a grin “Are you ready yet?” but with a bigger smile his answer was a bit different.


Have a great day everyone. – Jack T Norton
Location: Man Cup World Finals in November 2018
(True Moment)