For 2019: JT-focus involves a Request of Service (ROS)  but if you come on now as a season partner with JT it is cheaper. If your attending, sponsoring or participating in a series a flat rate is a really good deal. I understand budgets are tight these days for much smaller programs.  (any partnership DOES NOT have to be public knowledge)

Partnerships for an single event do NOT release commercial rights but a 2019 series partnerships will release full commercial and residential rights to your images.

ROS requires pre-payment: Why?  My media duties are planned out before each event and it allow me to build you into the plan.

 Fee: Refundable?  NO if you miss an JT reserved event or weather cancels it. I will roll the reservation of services into the next event that we are attending.

NHRA events: I'm not going into these events as an independent freelancer and not covering the event as a whole. I'm there as a supporting crew member, media outlet, and they have say complete say so over all JT content captured and how it is release and used. ANY request for this content MUST be first approved by the team in question.

JT Norton photo store via Shootproof.

JT Norton Photos, canvas ,shirts, framed prints and more via FFA Store.

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