I don’t watch a lot of non-motorsports stuff much but usually do watch the Superbowl. I have seen worse games, better half time shows and not fan-invested in either team. For me it’s just neat to watch and see what people are going to pissed about the next day. I was hoping for the "St. Louis" Rams win as an underdog thing but I see now it would have sucked if they had won. It would have been throwing salt on an open wound for St. Louis fans.

I was reading an article this morning that Rams are leaving for Los Angeles which was signed back in 2016. I went across several articles, forums and found it disheartening that people can still idolize these franchises in a creepy cultist way, when they simply only care about the dollar. Now I understand the business thing BLAH BLAH BLAH and understand that this is not limited to football of the pigskin style.

Almost every article puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of team owner Stan Kroenke. Now this is not inaccurate since he has had controlling interest of the team since 2010, but the deal sending the Rams back to LA was also sought after by the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. So those two owners would have done the same thing to their fans and cities. A deal that also requires the approved of the NFL collective and yes resistance is futile.

This "collective" meeting occurred in Houston Texas on January 12, 2016 but there was also another meeting with The Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities that the deal also had to go through and lets add that it’s a committee that consists of 6 NFL team owners.

St. Louis lured the Rams to their city in 1995 with a stadium plan that LA did not have in place to keep them. In 1995 the team was owned by Georgia Frontiere and would go on appear in two Superbowl match ups  with a 1999 Win vs Titans 23-16 and a 2001 loss vs. Patriots 17–20.

Now we will fast forward a bit get to when the city of St Louis puts in 70 million dollars towards updates of the facility, but this fell far short of the renovation plan in a signed lease agreement. Then on February 1, 2013 a three-person arbitrator found that the estimated $700 million in proposed renovations by the Rams was not unreasonable, given the terms of the lease agreement. The city of St. Louis was then ordered to pay the Rams’ a reported 2 million dollars in attorney fees. The clock of an inevitable Rams move was now ticking away and along with numerous other things just added more to writing the wall, which was more like 23-foot-high large print graffiti.

Now keep in mind in my opinion based on what I have researched one of the biggest problems is that all cities have attorneys that work on this stuff for “us” or for you die hard pig skin fans. It's pretty clear these politicians and city attorneys do not possess the skills to enter deals with a monster like the National Football League.

YET, We still trust ... I use that word while trying not to choke on my coffee, these politicians, who are not the smartest people on the planet. Really-smart people don’t go into politics … because they’re really-smart. These politicians are clearly in over their heads when they go into these agreements. Think about the 21 years that the Rams spent in St Louis and how many politicians and city attorneys have come and gone. Do you honestly think any of them took the time to recheck these agreements to see if “we” are getting screwed or are about to get screwed?

In ANY profession we have people that just do the job and then you have people that are really-good at their job. People who are really-good at the job are usually the ones sought after and paid good money. The really-good attorneys are not going to work for cities because they've already been snatched up by the NFL. When you walk into a room with an NFL attorney it's like living that old story about David and Goliath except that Goliath now owns all the rocks and slings.

The NFL is protective of their 14-billion franchised empire (2017 Est) and have even developed a way to pay itself for stuff that will make itself more money, which this team move will defiantly do. If you don’t believe me? the Rams owner Stan Kroenke must pay $550 million dollars to the NFL to make this move. He could break it up into multiple payments or a lump sum, (see note below)  he is paying in a lump sum.

It's time to now add that up until 2015 the NFL was an unincorporated nonprofit association. That means from 1995 to 2015 the NFL made a ton of tax-free money off the “St Louis” Rams franchise. According to numerous NFL statements made over the years, this incoming non-taxed revenue was evenly distributed to the teams to keep things fair and balance, Yeah I laugh too as I type it.

Now as the move is under way and the city of St. Louis, the county of Clayton and the state of Missouri will be paying off $144 million in debt and maintenance costs, which is reported will take them until 2021 to resolve. The NFL was asked to help but they refused and have no legal obligation to do so.

For you diehards …yes… I did read up on about the Stan Kroenke property deal , his wife working for Walmart thing and I also know about the payout to season ticket holders.

In a nutshell it is about the money and has been for a long time now in professional sports. It is not going to change and probably get worse, so the next time you get into a heated argument or lose a friend over something like your team sucks rabbit turds, remember that if enough money is up for grabs your team could one day be their team.

Blame your city officials for signing rabbit turd filled one sided agreements and getting into deals that don't work for us because they are supposed to be working us.

If your underwear is now all in a twist and you about to go into troll-mode do yourself a favor...

Just go ask a St Louis fan what they think!


Reflection note:

There is not an owner of the National Football League.

The league exists with the stated purpose to advance and promote the game of football, and is composed of an executive board made up of 31 owners and a representative from the Packers, who are part of a grandfather clause as collectively owned. I also note that the top 10 richest owners in this NFL "collective" group Stan Kroenke (yes, the same one mentioned above) is number three. - as of Sep-27-2018 which in this article was already listing him as “Los Angeles” Rams owner. – Source

HUH - Green Bay Packers?

The Packers are the only community-owned franchise in American professional sports. Rather than being the property of an individual, partnership, or corporate entity, they are held in 2014 by 360,584 stockholders. No one is allowed to hold more than 200,000 shares. The team's elected president normally represents the Packers in NFL owners meetings. During his time as coach Vince Lombardi generally represented the team at league meetings in his role as general manager, except at owners-only meetings, where president Dominic Olejniczak appeared.



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