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Jack "JT" Norton

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2019 Partnerships are F@ST Andie Rawlings / Tak Shigematsu Racing / Vantine NitrosportsAPE Race Parts / Schnitz Racing / Balch Racing / AFM Racing / RPR211

Content Contributor to Larry "Spiderman" McBride, Dave Vantine Nitrosports, Dragbike.com, Orlando Speedworld Dragway, Cycledrag.com, Andie Rawlings, RPR211, Dragbikeusa, and my own page  JackTNorton 

First and foremost: "What is said between us stays between us!" I only promote and publish the way you want it done and do not share non-public information with anyone, not even with family or close friends.

I'm a Florida based artist using my artistic abilities to support people and their passions anywhere it's needed. I'm very proud of the positive reputation and trust I have developed with people over the years. I have been doing this for ten+ years now and well known in the world of motorcycle drag racing, but my abilities are not limited to this industry. I respect any man or woman that pours passion into something they love no matter what it is. I believe this is when we get to capture what people are themselves.

CSX 2011 Photographer of the Year, Person of the Week Dragbike.com, Published Hooper Magazine, Published Orlando Sentinal (x4), SDR Event Sponsor 2016-2017, Bikes in the Valley sponsor 2015, IDBL / XDA / Mancup / event support. Developed a mail modem project that is still in use by the company today Created an excel based technician recognition program. A safety council member for three years was helping drive and improve company policies. Represented a national cable company in court for audit and security reasons four times won all four cases. 6-time supervisor of the month awards in call center leadership role. Four of which were consecutive achievements.

Commercial Art Associates degree, and Yes, I got it back when it was still called that.

Customer service industry for 18 years being in customers homes, call center, and field technical support in both non-leadership and leadership roles. I know how to treat and talk to people and have two employees of the quarter awards to prove it with a company that had over 8500 employees.

Equipment: Sony AR7iii, Sony NX 100, Canon XA25, Beholder MS-Pro, Smooth 4 gimbal, S, Nikon D850, 2 Nikon 3400, iPad, iPhone, 2 HD contour cameras, 1 XD HD camera.

* Camera lens varies depending on what I'm doing and where I'm going.

Software: I'm an Adobe Products fan Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Preimer Pro, Lightroom, but also employ Procreate, Auto-desk on the Ipad for the cartoon stuff. I use numerous other apps that allow quick captioning meme creation. I have found four that will enable me to get pretty creative, but I won't give away everything I use. lol

JT factoids

  • Coldest temperature worked in -18 low with a daytime temp of 10 for three days
  • Worked 18 years in the telecommunications industry - cable tv and satellite leadership and non-leadership roles
  • I have been bitten by four snakes, a brown recluse spider, 14 hornets, and been upended in my kayak three times by alligators. (plus a few other things)
  • An avid kayaker and recently got a paddleboard
  • Sells art locally at Andees Thrift store on West Colonial Dr. Orlando, Florida
  • Have personally sponsored eight race teams and two drag racing series in New York and Florida
  • Hottest temperature worked in 157 (due to track conditions 12-hour workday)
  • Craziest assignment so far was photographing a honeymoon. Yes, ALL of it.
  • The most images taken in a single day is 1223 kayaking. 13 hour day
  • The most pictures I've taken at an event 6123 over three days / all given to my sponsor at the time for marketing in 2016
  • I do not prefer any one brand of the camera each have their strengths and weaknesses
  • I believe that yes equipment matters " It's not the camera its the person" skill yes ... but EQ MATTERS.
  • Bald by choice, I shave my head.
  • I do drag race - motorcycle Suzuki GSX 1300 R (more passes to come) but still new to it.
Mark, Mindy and Fish


Ignit Racin

The people who got me into racing. Mark, Mindy and the crazy guy Fish.

Maryland International Raceway

Robert Parker

RPR 211

We paired up and he introduced me to MiRock series and eventually adventuring into IDBL, NHDRO and now XDA. Been all up and down the east coast.

Brandi is awesome



A beautiful person who gave me a chance and an outlet to get the JT name out there when others just shrugged their shoulders and walked away.

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Email me for any questions or request for services. jaked35mm@gmail.com