Rudy Sanzottera Feb 2019

Rudy Sanzottera is coming to take some win lights!
"Mr. Sanzottera the start of the 2019 race season closing in, how are you doing waiting for the excitement to kick off?" - JT Norton
"I’ve been racing since 1994 and the eagerness to get racing is just as strong. We go into every race season looking to bring home as many wins as we can. Breaking my personal best of 6.94 @ 214mph is always a goal and when I do, it will just give me another mark to go after. We have changed our engine package and tire package for 2019 so we are eager to get some passes in on this new setup. XDA, Mancup and NHDRO have some of the toughest racers in the game and getting wins will be tough. With this field of competitors it will be a tough fight but we would not have any other way."
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