Legendary Artist

Artist of the Mac McAdams Bikes Q&A with the Chuck Buckler Artist: Chuck Buckler (Q)How many years have you been doing this kind of artwork? (A)“Lol, over 30 years.” (Q) What was your first paid automotive art piece? (A) “It was the Looney Tunes Road Runner on the door of a United Van Lines moving […]


Pablo Gonzalez

2018 Quick Q&A with Drag Racer Racer: Pablo Gonzalez Years Racing: 21 Racing Class: Street Et, Street Fighter, Pro Et and Super Comp. Motorcycle type: Suzuki Hayabusa and Koenig Chassis Suzuki GS pro bike type. Where are you from State / Country?: Carolina, P.R. 🇵🇷 ❓ Favorite win? 🏍️ “Super Comp at ManCup Memphis Tennessee […]


Preston Bartlett 2018

2018 Quick Q&A with Preston Bartlett Years Racing: 4 years drag racing 40 years riding dirt bikes Class: Pro Fuel Nitro Harley Motorcycle type: 2017 HRP (Q) Favorite win? (A) “Galot Mancup 2017, My first win. ” (Q) Toughest Race so far? (A) “Galot racing in 100 plus degree heat. or finishing the bike for […]


Tak Shigematsu 2018 Q&A

🎤 Quick Q&A with Top Fuel Racer: Tak Shigematsu Racing Class: Top Fuel Top Fuel Years Racing: 20years Motorcycle Type: TF Harley ❓Favorite win? 🏍️ 2008 AHDRA Bristol TF win with a broken handlebar. ❓Toughest Race? 🏍️ 2005 AHDRA Mid Atlantic Nat Budds Creek. over 100 F and almost 100% humidity. All we are soaked. […]


Spencer Claycomb Q&A

2018 Drag Racer Q&A with JT Norton Racer: Spencer Claycomb Years Racing: “I was born into racing but not motorcycles, we raced dirt super late models and then got into drag racing. When we moved south me and my dad ran a top sportsman 34 ford coupe and 4.70 promod index series. Then I bought […]

Motorsports Race Bios

Jordan Hasse

2018 quick Q&A with Pro Street Racer: Jordan Haase Years Racing: 19 years, 2 years in Pro Street Racing Motorcycle Type: Turbo Pro Street Suzuki Hayabusa (Q) Favorite win? (A) “IHRA Iron Man & my 1st Pro Street round win.” (Q) Toughest Race? (A) “2017 Battle Royale – Struggled in qualifying and got paired up […]