NEWS ALERT From the desk of NHRA Technical Services 3-21-2019

Based on the Pro Stock Motorcycle Performance numbers from the the last portion of the 2018 season through the first race of the 2019 season, the NHRA Technical Department is increasing the minimum weight of the Harley-Davidson, Victory, EBR and Buell motorcycles from 625 pounds to 640 pounds.

All other motorcycle minimum weights will remain the same: ( Suzuki, 2-Valve, 107 cid - 590 pounds), (Suzuki, 2-Valve, 113 cid - 600 pounds), (Kawasaki, up to 107 cid, 2 or 4-valve - 575 pounds). This rule change will go into effect immediately.

NHRA reserves the right in the future to make additional rule changes to control performance and maintain parity in the category.

Andie and Chad taking a walk before making a test pass at Their hometrack track. Orlando Speedworld Dragway
Andie and Chad taking a walk before making a test pass at Their hometrack track. Orlando Speedworld Dragway
Angie Smith testing photo by JT
Angella Sampy by JT
Eddie Krawiec 2019 by JT
Gatornationals 2019 by JT

JT XDA events will be : Apr 26-28: Maryland MDIR / May 31-Jun 2: Virginia VMP / Jun 21-23: Maryland MDIR / Jul 26-28:Maryland MDIR / Aug 23-25: Virginia VMP / Sept 20-22: Maryland MDIR their website link ->XDA Racing 2019

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Orlando Speedworld event 1-12-2019.

This was my home track's first points race for 2019. We had great weather and got a ton of racing in.

Quick-32 winner Camryn Fredrickson
Super pro winner Mark Horton
Pro Et. Winner Cleve Edgerton
Sportsman winner John Tillman Sr
Pro cycle winner Dennis Stewart
Novice jr. Winner Katelynn Starling
Pro Jr Winner. Katie Craft
Jr street. Winner Katie Craft

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