Partnership Recognition "Kind of"

A silent partner from 2019 is returning for 2020. They have also decided to increase their contribution to the program. This will have a significant impact on the JT/ T&KU! program, in regards to being able to perform large-scale video projects but also allow us to be able to get the content out quicker, even WHEN WE ARE ON THE ROAD.

They did mention during our talks in October how they love seeing all of you pursuing your love of drag racing even if a few of you are nuts! {their comment not mine} LOL, They look forward to seeing what you all accomplish in 2020.

They do follow us across our various outlets so I want to thank them for all they are doing. I'm honored to be able to help them in return and I'm excited that our work together in 2019 is appreciated by their patrons/audience and made a difference for them. - JT Norton JT / T&KU! 2020

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Man Cup World Finals 2019 Spencer Claycomb RECAP:

"We spent five days! At the biggest motorcycle race I have ever been to, and it was like groundhog day every time I rolled into the water box, I couldn't get the crash from earlier this year out of my head, and it was throwing me off all weekend.

 Me and dad decided to try a new combo for next year since we didn't have a chance really at the championship, so we went for it. Thursday, coming off the trailer we broke the clutch cover and had to get pushed off the track; we fixed it and went back up and made a decent hit with a very safe tuneup and went 7.65, but it blew a head gasket.

  Then we pulled our 2011 1596cc Hayabusa apart and worked till three in the morning Thursday night to get it done. Replacing the block and head but kept with the new setup thinking it was a parts failure, well on the first hit Friday it left good 1.2x 60ft but spun at 300ft and blew the throttle body off burnt the harness and blew the head gasket again and had to get pushed off again because we got a 2inch bolt in the rear tire. So at that point, we said let us go back to what we know, so we swapped the entire setup down to even the radiator and mounts, and my better judgment plugged the rear tire ha. We made the first qualifier, and we put an extremely safe tuneup in it, and it was making a lot more power in the cold air and it wheelie bad but still went 7.90.

    Saturday was cut short from rain, and we spun the two qualifiers, so we came into 1st round with basically no tune, and a big old hand full of "JUST GUNA SEND IT," and it went 7.59@184 on only two systems and a 1.36 60ft. We won 2nd round from a broke bye and shut it off early to save parts after it blew through the clutch when I left. We lost in the semi-final to AM. I leaned on the tuneup to try and swing for the 40s instead of just doing the smart thing and leaving it alone but idle instead Go fast, and it bit me, and we wheeled out the gate and went hard left and almost brushed the wall and lifted cause it was washing the front end out and didn't need another one of them again ha. We lost 4th round on Monday on the super-comp bike just hogged the stripe and broke out, but I think we won the super-comp championship, so we didn't do the greatest, but we learned a lot, so it was a good weekend for us. 

Thank you to everyone that helps us out; it means a lot! - Spencer Claycomb



Tony Mullen - Season Recap Can you say “3-PEAT.”

What a season. After the 2018 ManCup season, and winning back to back Grothus Dragbikes Ultra 4.60 Championships, Mullen Brothers Racing decided to start from ground zero and build a “Purpose Built” 4.60 bike.

JT Norton / Dragbike.com 2019

With a lot of work and sacrifices from all involved, we believe we “Did” form in our eyes, the Perfect 4.60 Bike. This machine did not falter once. It reacts, stays planted, runs high MPH, ridiculously easy to tune, is deadly consistent,,, and won our 3rd consecutive Grothus Ultra 4.60 Championship. I have so many people to thank for this achievement, so here goes, First and foremost, to my brother Jimmy “Chief.” The amount of time and effort you put into the design, build, and tuning goes unparalleled. Thanks for all you do. Not only are you, my brother, but you’re my best friend. Love you. And thank you to Colleen for putting up with Jimmy’s many hours in the shop. You Rock. To Donnie, “Wrench.” You were always there on and off-track through it all.

From your Clutch-work to Maintenance, and everything in between. Your accuracy and consistency give me the confidence to focus on just Racing. You’re the best Son in Law I could ever have dreamed of having. To my lovely wife, Jeri, thank you for your support and understanding that Racing is something that’s in my Heart and Soul. Also, thanks for all the snacks. I Love you to Hayley “my Daughter” Thanks for being you and making me smile. I Love you too. To George Babor, “BPM Racing Engines,” the horsepower and effort you put into our program are appreciated more than you’ll ever know..

You are the Speed Merchant. Thanks to D&G Chassis for keeping all that horsepower to the ground. You took an excellent Chassis and made it Great. Thanks to Grothus Dragbikes for Sponsoring the class. I’d also like to thank Schnitz Racing , MRE , FBG , Induction Solutions , Monster Race Products , Worldwide Bearings , Dogwood Racing , Weeks Machine , Vanson Leathers , Fusion Powder-coating , MTC Engineering , JT Norton , Cycledrag.com , Jason Heller , Dragbikes.com , Bradenton Motorsports Park and 4.60 Dragbikes Special thanks to Marenda and Todd Stitzer for the support on getting us to the races. I’ve won 12 Championships in 13 years of chasing points. I am beyond proud of this achievement. What’s next for Mullen Brothers Racing?? Who knows, but it’s been a Hell of a ride. God Bless to ya'll" - Tony Mullen Grothus Dragbikes Ultra 4.60 2019 Mancup Champion

JT Norton Note: The top five racers they had defeat were #1 Tony Mullen #2 Mike Chongris,  Brodemick Jackson, Mike Lingo, John Schwartz, now that is one impressive battlefield to get though.


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Maryland International Raceway event 9-2019 completed but had some downtime between events got a few stops marked off my kayak wish list: Kayaked Potomac River (Maryland ),<-before Maryland, Cave Run Lake (Kentucky), Lake Anna (Virginia), Lake Celina (Indiana), and will hit Cross Creek National Wildlife Reserve on the way home.
It was a great time mixing things up along the way.

Pro Street Final Battle from MDIR

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